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The Busking Project is doing a latitudinal study examining to what extent busking affects the way people experience and connect to public urban environments, and what policies cities around the world employ to encourage and foster a vibrant artistic community.

Their aim is to engender a positive, healthy cultural environment in city centres worldwide. They will make our research available, giving buskers, civil rights and art organisations the tools they need to defend their right to sing, dance and play in the street.
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We’re still in Beta phase but we are looking for people in South London with tangible skills and perhaps more importantly a desire to try something new to join www.wampom.com

We love info-graphics and this design is not exception. Created by Pop Chart Lab, this info-graphic categorises over 300 different types of fruit. You can buy a 39 inch print from their website and at $29 it’s pretty cheap too (with the exception of the usual american postage costs).   It will certainly be going on our studio wall for a bit of inspiration!


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