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Mustard and Monsieur Team up to make Book Block

Mustard Design Agency Team up with Monsieur Notebook to create new custom notebook brand Book Block 

At Mustard we are devoted users of notebooks, the notebook being the first port of call on the creative journey. We have worked with the guys behind Monsieur Notebook during both ours and their earliest days on earth to create the brand they are today. In the course of our work, we were looking for a way of showcasing our talents, whilst also offering a worthy gift, and thought it would be great if we could give out some of Monsieur’s notebooks with our designs.

And then we got stuck. Unless we manufactured and printed 500+ of one design with the right finish, it wouldn’t be viable. This got us thinking… wouldn’t it be great if designers, artists and illustrators like us could produce awesome books in smaller numbers.

Together we started to develop our own way of binding and printing books, allowing us to produce custom notebooks one-by-one. Thus creating the custom notebook brand Book Block.

We will be posting more news in the near future. But please visit www.bookblock.com to find out more about this awesome project

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