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In a previous article – What CMS should I build my website on - I discussed¬†a belief that CMS should be chosen based on both a websites wireframes and the platform the given agency/developers feel most comfortable. Several developers I know found this to be strange advice but I feel that part of my rationale was misunderstood. I was certainly not suggested to use CMS ‘X’ over CMS ‘Y’ purely based on a developers experience. The point that unless there are specific requirements (i.e. a need for smart taxonomy which would mean drupal would be the most sensible choice) then the choice should be partly informed by the skills and experience of the developers.
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When developing a CMS website you’d be forgiven for presuming that one of the firsts questions you should ask is what system the site should be developed on. However this is far from true. Choosing a CMS should actually be one the last tasks during the preproduction stage of development.

There are of course logistical issues unrelated to a websites functionality that need to be considered, from platform security to the capabilities of a CMS to work with an IT configuration or server. But ultimately it is the websites wireframes that will hold the answer to which platform is best suited for the job. Well half the answer anyway. The other half of the answer is something you will rarely read when googling this very question.
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