Project Overview


Web / Mobile

Alternatives are a Not For Profit events organisation based in London that hold weekly talks, seminars and workshops. Their main theme is spiritual, personal growth and lifestyle events with a goal to improve people’s lives and raise people’s awareness and consciousness.

When Alternatives approached us about doing a full redevelopment of their website they had been running with reasonable success for over 15 years. However the directors believed they had stagnated and were not attracting a younger audience and nor reaching their desired demographic.

There existing site was extremely outdated but still held the key to understanding how we could help guide Alternatives forward, attracting a new and larger audience, and dramatically improve turnover. We therefor provided a full business and web audit to understand what exactly was working and what was not. This involved breaking the site down in terms of design, functionality, UX and content, interviewing their staff and target market. The Audit provided the foundation for all further work and we are currently at the development stage of the project.