Project Overview


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Mitsidi Projetos was born from the need to effect a radical transformation in our relationships with energy and the built environment. Combining Brazilian market experience with world-class design engineering and innovation, Mitsidi develops solutions from the ground up. Mitsidi’s expertise provides a platform for the development of innovative green business, and the company is a launch pad for socially responsible enterprise.

As a brand new Social Enterprise Mitisidi had a very small budget to work with. We therefor worked with the the founder to formulate a clear and concise strategy for the organisation, establishing how the startup money could be best distributed for the most efficient growth. It was also of great importance that there was no compromise in quality and that we did not cut corners when establishing the foundations that would allow the organisation to evolve healthily.

We have recently complete the first stages of branding and are excited by the protect of taking this organisation to where it needs to be.