Project Overview


Branding / Web

We took Monsieur Notebook from just another plain notebook website to a thriving niche social network for creatives.

Monsieur came to Mustard with an idea to put their leather notebooks in the spotlight, to highlight their demographic and illustrate to wholesalers and creatives alike that Monsieur notebook is more then just another leather notebook. So we built a bespoke network whereby creatives of all shapes can upload their own work. The brand, the product and the website are all about interactivity and this new network has given people the opportunity to interact with the brand with the aim of winning a notebook and recognition for their work.

We at Mustard thrive on challenges being able to come up with the solution means we are doing our jobs correctly. In the case of Monsieur notebook the challenge to show off their existing and vast catalogue of products was one such challenge. We had to develop a system the worked both on and offline. Colour coding the products some nifty developer coding and a a little photography with the human touch made for a svelte online catalogue that is easy to access by all.

We are finding it increasingly beneficial to use existing social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to increase the reach of a brand to help the brand find its demographic in the case of Monsieur Notebook it was a way to not only reach out to the intended demographic but to make it easier for those people to interact with the Monsieur notebook brand.